September 29, 2022

Light Brick Studio and LEGO Games have announced that Lego Builder’s Journey is landing on PlayStation consoles from today.

The brick-building puzzler originally arrived on Apple Arcade back in 2019, followed by the Switch and PC a year later. It then arrived on the Xbox in November last year, and it’s finally completing its trek around the consoles following today’s release. The narrative-focused game focuses on a father and son duo who love to build together, as their story is told across a series of Lego-building challenges.

However, the PlayStation release isn’t the only bit of Lego Builder’s Journey news. Developer Light Brick Studio has also launched a new Creative Mode for the game on all platforms. You’ll get to create your own models or scenes with a curated selection of Lego bricks. What’s more, the mode also features a full Photo Mode to show off your creations once done. Of course, the photo mode lets you adjust your angles, the lighting and more before you take your snaps.

You can check out a trailer for Lego Builder’s Journey‘s new Creative Mode for yourself down below. It’s available now for the game on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade and PC.

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